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The Los Osuna History
Don Andrés Osuna, Don Liberato Osuna y Don Daniel Osuna
In 1864 the first Osuna family arrived in Mexico from Spain. They settled in a charming village near La Noria (about 30 miles northeast of Mazatlan), in the state of Sinaloa and they named their new home Los Osuna Hacienda Estate. At that time, the region's predominant economic activity was mining and ranching.  
The Osuna family's first Blue Agave plants were seeded in the town of Concordia and later taken to La Noria - starting the first plantations in that area.
Southern Sinaloa has since earned a rich history in the planting and harvesting of Blue Agave (Agave Azul) and the production of mescal. For years, the area around Mazatlán witnessed the birth of numerous Haciendas "Vinatas" where significant amounts of Mescal are produced.
By 1876 the Osuna Family started their first extraction and distilling of their own Blue Agave. That initial extraction and distillation was led by Sr. Andrés Osuna y Osuna and that exciting event began the sale of their product in nearby cities such as Culiacan and Mazatlan.  
EARLY 1900s Due to the great demand, the cultivation of agave and its distillation continued to grow and that demand caused the opening of more than 20 factories sponsored by the German Foundation
of Mazatlan. These new factories drove the introduction of modern machinery and steam-driven equipment, thus, reducing the cost and time of production of tequila.
Don Liberato Osuna y Osuna, son of Andres Osuna y Osuna, took the lead of the factory and brought changes in its technology and equipment to the Osuna operation until the end of 1931 when his son, Daniel Osuna y Osuna, became the new director of the business.
During World War II, the agave fiber was used to make rope. The Los Osuna factory purchased several rope-making machines and produced miles of rope. Those machines remain in the facility today - to be viewed by people touring the facility. Selling the fiber at a profit as rope (the fiber was previously an unused by-product), lowered production costs for their tequila. the lower production costs lowered prices to consumers and the lower prices increased demand.
During that time, after buying other factories and distillers of agave, the Los Osuna factory became the top producer in the region.
'The Tequila Wars' For many years before the Appellation of Origin for tequila was established and as the demand for tequila grew, there was serious competition between the many distilleries in Mexico that were producing tequila. Most of the tequila producers were trying to achieve dominance in a very competitive industry and that resulted in countless conflicts. Some of the disagreements involved simple mischief but many escalated until they involved all types of violence and crimes. That period is often referred to as “The Tequila Wars”.
Learn more about 'The Tequila Wars' and The Appellation of Origin for Tequila go to:
1974,the Appellation of Origin for tequila determined that Los Osuna was not produced in one of the designated areas that could call their mescal "Tequila" and Los Osuna could no longer be called Tequila. Nonetheless, with a grand legacy, the current generations of Osuna and Pelayo, has continued to sell their exquisite beverage and it's been recognized as the top of its class. With a tradition of more than 138 yrs., made with 100% Blue Agave and the pride of Sinaloa . . . Los Osuna is 100% Sinaloense character.
2011 TheFiftyBest.com in NY rates the finest in food, wine and spirits with an international competition. For the first time, The Fifty Best included all 100% Blue Agave Spirits (tequilas and mescals). There were 22 premium Blue Agave Spirits competing for the coveted "Best Reposado" award. There was a separate International Spirituous Liquors Competition in San Francisco that is equally as prestigious as New York's The Fifty Best. It also included the best premium 100% Blue Agave Spirits (tequilas and mescals), and was done with blind-tasting by respected judges. In that San Francisco international competition, Los Osuna won the following medals:
Blanco (Silver) won the Bronze Medal
The judges at this competition were tequila aficionados, wine/spirits writers, retailers and bartenders. The judges were served "blindly" (given no information about and unable to see the mescals they were tasting), and using a point-scoring system, they rated each mescal based on professional criterion such as smoothness, color, etc.    
  Reposado earned the Double Gold Medal
  Añejo was awarded the Silver Medal
Double-Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded based on a set range of point-scores.
Los Osuna tied as the #1 Reposado and was awarded a Double-Gold medal.
Always drink responsibly

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