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The Tradition since 1876

Los Osuna 100% Blue Agave Spirits comes to you today from the same picturesque countryside as it did when the Osuna family started producing their tequila in 1876. The process has been refined and it's no longer called tequila, but the long-established Osuna family heritage continues. Still made with 100% Blue Agave and with the uncompromised standards that have put Los Osuna Agave Spirits at the top of their class. Now, you can enjoy the characteristics and flavors that have been imparted through the dedication of the Osuna family for almost 140 years.

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Only the finest Blue Agave plants are harvested and roasted using traditional underground ovens, where they are infused with the aromas of fruit, flowers, and spices. Next, the agave juices are fermented with very high-quality water from the Osuna family's own water treatment plant and a special yeast that's also unique to (and guarded by) the Osuna family. NOTHING is left to chance and nothing is just "good enough" - every ingredient and every step of the process is carried out with perfection as the goal.

  After fermentation and distillation, the flavor is further refined as it's aged in oak barrels, where it achieves the perfect balance of flavors, texture, body and aromas to yield an incomparably smooth finish. Whether you prefer to sip a young Blanco with crisp flavors and notes of citrus, or you prefer the more complex and refined nature of a Reposado or Añejo, you'll experience the aroma and distinctive smoothness only this authentic Sinaloan native can provide. Discover Los Osuna 100% Blue Agave today and add another “secret find” to your repertoire.
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